Here are the frequently asked questions. It should help you in clarifying your doubts.

I already have a website ? Can I still use VIDU?

Yes VIDU will easily integrate into your website.

I only want Mobile App? Is that possible?

Yes, you can go only for Mobile App plans or you can take only website plans.

I have no knowledge about online teaching and selling courses?

You don’t have to worry, our team of experts will not only help you in getting started but also give you tips on periodic basis.

Will you take any commission on my course or Mock test takes?

No, we do not take any commission on your sales. You keep all your revenue.

Can I just use it for my coaching institutes and take the money in cash or assign the courses and tests for free?

Yes you can take the money in cash or and assign the Mock Test and courses from the backend for free.

Do I own the content of my website?

Yes, you are the only owner of your content. Your content can be accessed only by your Admins and safely stored in Amazon AWS servers.

What if I don’t have enough learners? Can I use VIDU?

Not a problem you can start with a lower plan and your audience will keep increasing over a period of time. Just build the right content and spread the word and become a star in online education.